5 Star Unplugged provides marketing. management, and promotional services to businesses and talent. Good marketing is critical to the success of a business, therefore, 5 Star Unplugged has reformed traditional advertising, management marketing and booking to reach consumers through various marketing and media channel. Marketing has many dimensions, including radio and internet advertising, event promotions, video ads, television, e-marketing, and more. Investing in a dynamic marketing plan will generate excellent returns.

Logo design, radio ads, and internet advertising are just some of the great services that 5 Star Unplugged offers. The goal is to provide businesses and talent various marketing tools to reach their target audience. Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Noticed!

Contact Jennifer Seward or Katie Dixon for more information on booking, management, promotions, & events. or

Talent Promotion - Submit your music or songs to be selected to be featured on 5 Star Unplugged Music Lounge or Songwriter’s Preview. Select featured artists and songwriter’s will have the opportunity to be interview and promoted during a full length show.

Radio Advertising - Get noticed during our great shows by advertising with 5 Star Unplugged. Thirty second spots are available for purchase.

Web Advertising - The internet represents an opportunity to grow and market a business both locally and globally to reach new consumers and expand reach.

To get started CONTACT 5 Star Unplugged to receive your promotional package options and pricing.